Why Church Membership? | Ownership

Ever rented a car and had the rental company’s insurance? You know what happens. “It’s a rental,” you say. Translation: I can do what I want with it. It can get stolen, broken, crashed, bashed, and destroyed. Why? It isn’t mine. It is someone else’s. 

Not so with the church. 

Jesus has called us into a family together. And as a family we have a family business to tend–that business is the Great Commission. It was a job given to us by our elder brother (Matt 28:18-20) who was getting His marching orders from His Dad. 

You take things seriously when you’re in the family business–because you are part-owner. You are a part of it. How you act and how live in this business changes you. Think about what would happen if we treated church membership as ownership of the Great Commission.

  • Do you think people would care more about sticking around? Maybe we’d have less people church shopping and more people making disciples. 
  • Do you think people might take seriously participating? I can’t take extended vacations form the family business because things suffer. Other people have to pick up the slack, and it may hurt us. (Now, hear me. Things don’t suffer because Jesus needs you. He has chosen to use you as a part of this. He’ll build His church, but He wants you to participate). 
  • Do you think people might help bring others along in the business? 

What about you? Do you own your church’s mission and vision? Do you see yourself as integral to it’s fulfillment? I do. 

Join a church.

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .