Sunday Debrief: Everybody Responds to Jesus (6/9/13)

This morning we looked at Acts 17:1-15 as Paul traveled to Thessalonica and Berea during part of his second missionary journey. As he preached, the Jewish Thessalonians responded negatively to Jesus, and the Bereans responded positively.

What became abundantly clear from this morning’s worship and our time together in the passage is this: everybody responds to Jesus.


We may respond positively to Jesus, or we may respond negatively; but everyone has a response. None is neutral. And what we deem as neutral is actually a rejection of Him.

What’s hard is that we usually speak of many things other than Jesus with great ease. For example, tonight the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs play in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. It’s the old big three versus the new big three. Tony Parker might go down as the second best playoff point guard in NBA history (you can’t beat Magic, sorry). And we all know that Lebron needs more support if the Heat are going to defend their title. I hope the Spurs win.

And just like that, I more easily speak about something other than Jesus. I could go on forever about sports, but I need to go on forever about Christ. That’s what Paul did. He kept every conversation and situation focused on Jesus.

Resources from the sermon: 

  • OT Passages of Jesus–At The Oaks, Kathy Drake read this page. It is a simple selection of important passages on Christ but would be a great tool to keep nearby.
  • Speaking of Jesus–This book comes out of one man’s experience talking about Jesus to those with a Muslim background. It is a great read. Buyer beware: you won’t agree with everything that he says, but you’ll learn from it.
  • Disciplining with Jesus in Mind–I ended the sermon with a story of a friend who learned how to keep even disciplining a young child focused on Christ. While I didn’t mention it in the sermon, that friend was my cousin, Aimee (who is also Evan’s sister).

What a joy it is worshipping with the Oaks family. If you don’t go to The Oaks, you’re missing out!

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .