What On Earth Am I Doing?

The last time I wrote a blog entry it was almost 18 months ago. And I don’t think I even kept up with those goals that well (and don’t even ask about 2013 thus far). And now, rather than just mail it in, I am actually creating another blog to try and keep the world informed about. . .

what exactly?

I’m not a great writer, nor do I have tons to say. But perhaps in time those things will change. They won’t change unless I give it a shot. There are some things I hope to share:

  • Church Life: Working at The Chapel is full of smiles and cries. I hope that I can peel back the layers of church life for those who are curious (which may not be anyone). I promise not to be incriminating. 
  • My Family: I love my family and you’ll get to hear about all of the ways I fail them and still receive their grace. 
  • Leadership: I don’t consider myself a leader, so I don’t expect my leadership thoughts to be inspiring, but we’ll see how it goes. 
  • Pastoring: There are many things in dealing with people that leave me going “How on earth do I handle this?!?!?!” Maybe you’ve felt the same way. 

So as we go at it (together), I’ll do what I can to post more regularly than every 18 months. 

One Reply to “What On Earth Am I Doing?”

  1. You’ve got to start somewhere! Keep it going. Who knows it might not even be that terrible!

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