My Church

I work at The Chapel in Baton Rouge, LA. One thing that seminary (and life) grew in me was a deep love for the local church.

The Chapel started many moons ago. She began with a desire to reach LSU’s campus and is still doing that. She is on her third senior pastor and has been multisite for the past twelve (?) years. Somehow, I stumbled into the role of teaching pastor of our second location (the Oaks) about four years ago. If the leadership knew what they were getting into, they wouldn’t have given me the job…and I’m still wondering exactly how I got it (and have kept it). Who gives a 28-year-old the pulpit that was formerly filled by an incredibly mature, well-respected, godly man in his sixties? Crazies, that’s who. And The Chapel is full of them.

A lot of my writing will be about the church and my experiences with it. The people, the infrastructure, the mistakes I have made, and the grace I’ve received. We’ve been going through lots of changes and will continue to do so for years to come. Since nobody from the church will likely read this, I’m free to say what I want. Only the internet will find out.

Also, because a certain Ray of sunshine might prefer that I say this, the things on this blog do not represent the views or opinions of The Chapel. They are strictly mine…and probably a few others’ as well…but mainly mine.