Q&A on Living Hope Groups

by Hans on October 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

In our services this morning gave a reminder about the Living Hope Groups. These are for anyone and everyone going through trauma, and we have specifically offered it to those  They kickoff a week from today, and I’d still love to see people attend. You can sign up here.


If you think I’m on a Living Hope Groups tear, I am—only because I see week after week tired people who are at 100% of their capacity with little time to rest. These people are trying to hold the pieces together on work, family, flooding, and life—and, while they do it, there isn’t much margin. These groups are a way of me asking people to make margin.

However, me wanting people to do something isn’t always enough (gasp!). Thus, I sent a list of questions to Michele Louviere, the Director of Counseling at the Celebration Hope Center near New Orleans Louisiana, about both the value of these groups and why even a skeptic should sign up to at least see what they have to offer. Michele has exposure to this material and also does training for it. Michele was kind enough to answer my questions Friday afternoon and I share them with you now . . .

Living Hope Groups

by Hans on October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is for my Greater Baton Rouge peeps. If you aren’t that person, be in prayer for us as we launch our Living Hope Groups in a little less than two weeks. And if you are in the Greater Baton Rouge area, I want to encourage you to sign up.


Many may think of flooding as something that is simply a physical or financial crisis. However, there is much more than just mudding out houses and figuring out how to pay for things. The impact of the flood, plus the displacement, plus the rebuild, plus the contractors, and on and on and on, leads to more stress than we realize—we are simply too busy holding everything together to notice it.

I recently saw a friend of mine—lightly coated in sheetrock dust—tell me how every night is spent working on a house. (This was while he was still graciously meeting me at Lowe’s to tell me what fittings to buy for my voluntary home renovation.) His nightly house work was on top of work, family, and any other life obligations that may exist. It is enough to crush the strongest back.

These groups exist for anyone affected by the flooding in any way (whether you were directly affected and displaced, are caring for families who are displaced, are a relief worker, etc.)

Living Hope Groups will offer both a respite in the environment and in content. The environment is one where we don’t want you to have to be working on houses for the moment. We want you to be able to rest and to receive. The content will bring you through ways to handle the stress and trauma that comes your way—and ultimately find your rest in Jesus. There are leaders who are ready to receive you and to care for you.

You need that kind of rest. We all do.

What you need to know:

  • Everyone from every background is welcome to attend.
  • Come as often as you are able.
  • Child care is offered for children six weeks for 5th grade, but you need to register ASAP.
  • Kickoff is Sunday, October 30th, from 6:30-8:00pm at the Oaks (9611 Siegen Lane).
  • After kickoff, groups will be on Monday nights (starting November 7th) at the Oaks (9611 Siegen Lane).

So, if you’re in town, I’d definitely encourage you to sign up.

If you have any questions contact me.

Hope to see you soon.

Everything is Redeemable

by Hans on October 18, 2016 in Discipleship

Last year’s home renovation project was something I had never done before. Removing walls? Not in a million years. Working with carpenters? Plumbers? Sheetrock workers? Painters? Church members who had specific skills? Never done. I was in wayyyyyyyy over my head, and I still haven’t recovered.


Over the past three weeks I worked on the bathroom pictured above. It was the one part of the house that hadn’t gotten any TLC since we bought it. I really think just about every other square inch of this place got something. But not this bathroom. (The picture above is the “after” picture, not the “before.”)

Well, before the thing got finished, something was bound to go wrong. 

Episode 07—Debates and Home Runs

by Hans on September 28, 2016 in Pastoring

I know, I know. You hate me for writing a post when I am really giving you something to listen to. It is in bad form—I’m sure of it. ”

“Hey, here’s a post!”

Just kidding.

“Hey, here’s my talking with my brother for 40 minutes.”

Oh. Great.

Dale and I are getting together via Skype on Tuesday nights and recording. As it currently goes, we spend one segment on newsworthy (to us) events and another on some take on life or ministry. We do it for us. I think we average about 20 listens per episode and most of those are Dale and me accidentally hitting play. In this episode:

  • Dale and I don’t remember what an oligarchy or aristocracy is.
  • At the 8:00 mark we start talking about the presidential debate from Monday.
  • at the 33:30 mark we turn to Pastor’s Corner, where we discuss the death of a baseball player and an unreal home run.

Since I reference the video multiple times, check below to see what I’m talking about.

If you want to watch the home run uninterrupted, check this out (keep your tissue nearby):

I also referenced this video about Donald Trump sniffing a whole bunch. Go here for that beauty.

Episode 06—Social Media and Pastoral Burnout

by Hans on September 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Dale and I are working on tweaking the podcast to have more specific segments and a more specific posting date. Current plan is to record Tuesday night and post sometime Wednesday (Dale is the editor/poster guy). Our segments in this episode are “In the News”—where we talk about some recent happening that may or may not be serious—and “Pastor’s Corner”—where we talk about something recent ministry happening that may or may not be serious.

In this episode:

  • We marvel at Twitter’s new rules on character counts in Tweets (sorry if you don’t know what that means).
  • We talk about Christians using/not using social media for ministry impact.
  • We address pastoral burnout and what I (Hans) believe pastors can learn from non-ministry workers about doing your job.
  • Dale talks about a time he threw a box into a TV.

Also, for those of you who get bored with podcasts (or don’t listen), I promise that I will still write real blog posts. We’re just trying to get in a recording/posting rhythm.

Podcast Episode 05—Work Life Balance?

by Hans on September 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Dale and I are attempting to find our voice in this here podcast. We are certainly not experts, but we enjoy learning. I feel like we are going to hit our stride somewhere around 2025.

At the end of last week Dale and I got together to talk about the dreaded work/life balance. I don’t think we see eye-to-eye on it—but we are pretty close. (For the record, Dale is one of the hardest workers I know.) We hope you enjoy it.

If any of you would be willing, could you post in the comments topics you’d like us to regularly discuss or specific themes you think we should address?