Podcast Episode 17: Living Poured Out

by Hans on January 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Dale (my brother) and Christina (his wife) decided to go visit friends serving overseas. This episode comes direct from there, along with our buddy Josh. Josh and Joanna’s wedding was the first one I ever did, so they’re extra special to me. 🙂

The podcast theme for this month is marriage and family. I think a lot of the ways that evangelicals talk about marriage and family is a little silly at best and idolatrous at worst, so hearing Josh’s perspective on decisions they’ve made and why they’ve made them was refreshing.

Special bonus: I take the reins of hosting this time (since Dale and Josh were sitting in the same room, side-by-side), and I think I did a pretty bad job at it. Enjoy! (And if you want to listen to last week’s episode, head here.)

The Chapel’s Training Classes (Spring 2017)

by Hans on January 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

I believe that every Christian wants to run the race well? Why? Because the Spirit of the risen Christ resides within them. A muffled—perhaps even stifled—desire is a desire nonetheless. We must fan that (and pray it) to flame so that every believer becomes equipped.

Different churches attack this need for training in different ways. Some offer entire Christian education departments. They add classes as often as they can on every single subject possible. Some focus on a Sunday AM Sunday School followed by a worship service. Some offer full-blown seminaries alongside those other offerings. Some encourage their congregations to join up with alternate training programs offered by nearby schools or non-profits like the Downline Institute. We offer The Chapel Equipping Institute.

Podcast Episode 13—Cognitive Dissidents

by Hans on December 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Dale and I are keeping up our (usually) weekly podcast, but I fail to give regular updates about it. Usually this is because I don’t like just posting blog posts about the podcast. My preference is to break up the podcast posts with real posts. When I do that (like I did this week), I feel better. 🙂

Our discussion last week, while I was up in Kentucky, was over media (TV and movies, specifically) and matters of the Christian conscience. We are trying to get the format to under 25 minutes, but still haven’t hit that goal yet. Soon, soon. 🙂

Thanks for listening!

The Subtle Danger In Multi-Anything

by Hans on December 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’ve stayed away from speaking much into the world of multisite or the macro-elements of church trends. I’m one voice amongst many, many men—and all of them have rehashed the same things. However, as I’ve watched church life over the years (at least from my limited vantage point), one area of church life can be both wonderful and dangerous: when churches expand their ministry offerings (multiple services, multiple locations, multiple ministries, etc.).


Now, before I go any further, I pastor at a multisite church (a church with two or more campuses), with multiple services happening throughout a Sunday. The Oaks (where I pastor) has two Sunday AM services (with different children’s and youth programming), and the Campus location has three (the same two we have and a tinier service before that). We also have a college service Sunday evenings. People are scattered everywhere on a Sunday. Folks like those at 9Marks (a ministry I admire) would say, “Never do that.”

However, I was recently talking with a buddy who is about to go from one service to two. Pretty simple shift. You have one group of people meeting at one place, you outgrow it, and you go to two services of people meeting at the same place. One of the benefits of that would be that people could go to any service they wanted, whenever they wanted. Kids awake early? Go to the earlier service. A little slower on a Sunday? Go to the later service. Seems like a good solution, except that I encouraged him not to communicate it like that.

Rather, I encouraged him to take a different approach in how he communicated it and set up the move to more services . . .

Podcast Episode 11—Election Night

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When you record a podcast during on Election Night, you have to figure out what to say that is timeliness.

Dale and I share with you things that will be true regardless of who wins tonight.

Podcast Episode 09—I Voted for Kodos

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I felt the need to have a few non-podcast posts up in between the last podcast and this one.

In this episode, we take some time to talk about the election, voting, and just how sensitive it is for Christians (or at least our flavor of Christianity).

A few things that were referenced or hinted at in this article:

Happy listening!

Also, I didn’t post the previous podcast—where I get to talk about my love for Robin Williams. You can find that here.